The Hypocenter

The Hypocenter

This image makes me think of Edgar Allan Poe’s personal universe. It represents to me the stormy dreams that ended up in such masterpieces as “The Raven”.
I visited the place where this structure is located several times over the past few months. Yes, several times.
It happens that you never see the same thing with identical eyes, specially if you want to bring out the outmost of a scene.
I am sure that most people in Montreal, even regulars to the Palais des Congrès, are unaware of this beautiful structure. It is a set of three concentric panels hanging on a wall that leads to the toilets; not the best choice of location to exhibit art.
To render it as it presently shows, I studied it from different angles. I also tried to capture the interrelation among them until I decided to concentrate on one.
Several shots were taken with different settings of aperture, ISO and focal distances. Once in front of the monitor many questions arised. Clone, tilt to compose with the line flow, saturate, turn into B&W…
There is something that I have learned, when you shoot at iddle subjects, a second visit is advisable and sometimes feasible.


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