Clouded Orange Sulphur

Clouded Orange Sulphur

Every year, Montreal welcomes for two months – between February and April – an event called “Butterflies Go Free” in one of the greenhouses of the local botannical garden.
Usually you can see from 1200 to 1500 butterflies from different corners of the globe flying all over the place. The event attracts thousands of visitors everyday and photographers flock the location.
What may seem as an easy task to capture nice butterfly shots, certainly becomes a challenge. The place is certainly packed with people, some happy snappers stick to one place and they may not move or circulate for ages, photography indifferent people don’t care passing in front of your lens without the least attempt to halt or slow down a little bit; and tripods, those uncomfortable items to carry and move around with; but a real need for sharper images when holding a long lens at the end of its barrel lengh; are strictly banned.


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