Photo Contests

Photo Contests

Even though I spend a lot of time thinking about and submitting photographs to photography competitions, I do refuse to pay entry fees. It doesn’t mean that I belong to the stingy category of human mortals.
When it comes to public voting awards, most of the times, he/she who is best “socially connected” gets the award. When it comes to judged competitions, a name can make a difference if it has been awarded a given prize or if it has a certain visibility in the wanna-be-considered photographic world.
There is another consideration to take into account when someting is being judged by one person or a team of them. It’s called personal taste, aesthetic beliefs or vision.
Today I almost had a stroke while checking the results of the local Metro Photo Challenge. An image somehow similar to one I had submitted won one of the local awards.
When I first confronted the showing part of the image, I said to myself; “Looks like, but that’s not me”.
Aperture, less or more light coming into the sensor, exposure, how long it comes into the sensor; are two of the “must knows” when you take photography enthusiastically. A tad plus or less remains within anyone’s preferences and even if you are planning to make a decent print to decorate a wall; the wall color will incide into the post processing.
Mine, got past the judges eyes, even tought its straight vertical and horizontal lines, framing, sense of dimension and perspective (tree and wall) in contrast to the eye hurting over processed, saturated and exposed shot of the same place with a different angle and composition.
You can decide which you like best. I am happy and proud of mine.


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