“Repositioning”, A Street Shot.


“Street Photography” is one of the most difficult genres of the art. Not in vain it has as a reference such an enormous name as Cartier-Bresson and his “Decisive Moment”. That “split second” that makes the difference from a snapshot to a good photograph in its own right.

Two weeks ago I heard about a demonstration to take place in Montreal and decided to set off for it. It is perfectly legal, here, in Canada to photograph police officers at duty at public venues as long as it does not compromise their security or their assignment. 

My pre-set idea was to capture some close-ups, demonstration activists and photographers; which I accomplished. Yet, all that remained: documenting the scene.

I normally, when there is an interesting subject, take two, three – and sometimes more – shots. I saw this unit commander with a camera attached to his helmet with some sort of resemblance to Robocop. First, I thought of isolating him, but first photographers packing around, then passers-by the start of a gesture.

A lady passes by, wait, she passes past him, shoot. There it is. 



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