Object and Subject


Photography has become one of the most widespread acce$$ible hobbies – both technologically and gear wise – therefore quite tortured by social media happy snappers.

I have nothing against family memories or record shots; “I was here”. At the end of the road they will be your most treasured and dear photos ever taken. I, myself, take a fair amount of these and share some with friends.

FB and Instagram accounts pride themselves in the amount of uploaded shutter pressings, sunsets, selfies, lippies (protuded lips), booties (human sitting cushioning silhouettes) and suggested boobies. How much of it is photographically decently executed? Well…

Arty or compositionally elaborate “records” are a different story. I chose to start the entry’s title upsidedown as often socially shared snaps are.

It should have been “Subject and Object”. Before pressing the shutter release you need to know what is the subject of your photograph and the object or reason for taking it.

Start from A to Z and you will find a zillion subject tags. Interrogate your subject so the shot gets to the object. 

First letter of the alphabet, “A” for “Aliens”.


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